Paw Thaw™ Pet Friendly Ice Melter

In-store pickup at Milwaukee location only

Item: 419900337


Paw Thaw™ Pet Friendly Ice Melter is a safer, biodegradable ice melter that will not harm your pet when used as directed. It combines the most effective de-icing components available and the non-hygroscopic formula is less harmful to grass, trees or other vegetation. Will not harm carpets or floors and will not damage footwear with no slimy sticky residue to clean up. Paw Thaw™ Pet Friendly Ice Melter also guards against concrete corrosion by forming a protective coating on the surface and a special 'Dolomite' formula provides added traction control. Due to its weight, this item cannot be shipped and is available for pickup only.

All proceeds go to the Wisconsin Humane Society, a non-profit organization.