Weiss Walkie™

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The Weiss Walkie™ is a great tool for dog guardians and animal shelters who want an easy, dog-friendly way to walk their dogs! The Walkie™ is immediately accepted by dogs - no training necessary. The Weiss Walkie™ is designed to quickly, comfortably, and humanely stop dogs from pulling. How does it work? The Weiss Walkie™ design incorporates principles of canine physiology and psychology to quickly and humanely stop pulling. It wraps around your dog’s barrel and attaches to your dog’s buckle collar. When the dog pulls, the Walkie applies slight pressure around the dog’s barrel – and dogs naturally decrease forward movement. The pressure around the chest also serves to naturally calm and relax the dog, to decrease arousal – very helpful for the dog that is easily excited.

All proceeds go to the Wisconsin Humane Society, a non-profit organization.