Kittywalk Penthouse Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Kittywalk Penthouse Outdoor Cat Enclosure

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Vertical outdoor enclosure that allows your cat or kitten to relax in the fresh air, watch the birds, exercise and safely enjoy the sunshine in the great outdoors. Use the Kittywalk Penthouse with other Kittywalk components or use on its own. The vertical design is ideal for small apartment and condo balconies or wherever a Kittywalk Deck and Patio will not fit. Travel / storage bag included.


  • 5 feet high, 2 feet wide, 18" deep means twenty cubic feet of roomy outdoor freedom

  • Included weatherproof hammocks keep up to three kitties comfortable

  • Weatherproof Sunshade shades your kitties and protects them from the elements

  • Made with Kittywalk rip-stop collapsible netting with a sturdy steel frame

  • Four support poles stabilize the Penthouse

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