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Bat House

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Note: As of 7/14/20 we are OUT OF STOCK of bat houses.  If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please email  Thank you!

Help attract beneficial bats to your area by providing them with great shelter – made by WHS artisans and certified “Bat Approved” by Bat Conservation International (!

Wisconsin bats are insectivores and have the capability of eating their own body-weight in insects in a single night. We have these high-quality single-chamber bat houses currently available for purchase at WHS. These bat houses are made to specifically fit the needs of cavity-roosting Wisconsin bats, primarily Big Brown Bats and Little Brown bats. We also provide you with detailed information about how and where to mount these houses to maximize your chances of attracting these fantastic furry flying mammals to your bat house. These bat houses are very reasonably priced for this professional-quality craftsmanship.

The houses are rather large (28”x27”x3.5”), so if you choose to have them shipped, please allow a few extra days for processing so that we can pack them properly. Thank you!