All About 'The Walkie'

In a given week, Wisconsin Humane Society staff and volunteers take the dogs in our shelters for hundreds of walks, so we definitely have a need for a leash that is sturdy enough for repeated use, and also allows us to safely walk any size or strength of dog.  For over 15 years, 'The Walkie' has been that solution for us!


Designed by animal behaviorist Dr. Emily Weiss, now with the ASPCA, the Walkie is a simple yet brilliant solution that can help alleviate pulling behaviors and remove pressure from a dog's neck.  Simply attach the clasp to a dog's collar, loop the handle end under their chest, and then pull back through the ring.  This creates a slip loop around the dogs chest that constricts when they pull, providing additional control when walking.  

We love the Walkie as it is easily fit to any dog, and doesn't require the precise sizing and buckling that a harness might.  Harnesses can be a great solution for pulling as well, but in a shelter environment they're hard to use.  The Walkie also comes in a variety of bright colors that we use for identification: for example, bright green Walkies are from our Foster department.  

If you'd like to order one of your own, you can do by clicking here.  All proceeds, as always, go to the Wisconsin Humane Society!