Curli Stretch Comfort Leash Sun Orange

Curli Stretch Comfort Leash Sun Orange

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Suddenly the dog sees something and his instincts lead him to start running. This develops enormous powers, which can injure both dog and owner. That is why Curli has developed a rope leash that significantly reduces the jerk when a dog is being restrained. The core and sheath of the rope adapt to the tension placed on them. This is more convenient for everyone and ensures safe command transmission.

70³/? inch length
ø 0.31 inch (size M) or ø 0.39 inch (size L).
For dogs up to 55 lbs (size M) or 88 lbs (size L).
Shock absorbing rope for stress-free communication
Ultra soft Nylon rope for the very best grip, control and security
Dog waste bag dispenser
Safety „Snap-In“ Hook


Rope: Nylon / D-Rings & Snap-hook: Zinc-Alloy