Earth Day Eco-Friendly Tips for Pets!

Part of being a responsible pet owner is making sure we do our best to minimize our pets' impact on our planet, so in recognition of Earth Day, here are basic things we can do to help:

1) Use biodegradable waste bags!  Whether walking your dog or scooping kitty litter, using a bag that will decompose faster than plastic is a great way to help the environment.  These bags by Earth Rated are not only vegetable-based, but also compostable!

2) Recycle!  The traditional idea of recycling - like making sure to put recyclable pet food cans in the correct bin - is important to keeping reusable items out of landfills.  But it is also a way of thinking!  Do you have an old toy or bowls that your pet is not using any more?  Or old towels or blankets?  Consider donating them to an animal shelter rather than just tossing them out.

3) Shop local!  When toys, treats, accessories, etc. are made far away, the transportation to ship them to your location adds to their carbon footprint.  If you have a local pet food manufacturer (like Fromm or Stella & Chewy's) or Made in the USA manufacturer (Like Buckle Down), support them!

4) Look for recycled products!  Not only can you recycle your own items, but you can make an impact by purchasing products made with recycled materials.  P.L.A.Y. Beds are made with 100% post-consumer certified safe recycled plastic bottles as their filling and Petmate Chuckit! balls are made with recycled rubber.  Yesterday's News uses recycled paper for a unique cat litter.  Even some WHS merch like this hoodie has recycled content!

5) Go natural!  More and more natural and organic pet foods are available these days, and even toys and cleaning supplies have become more eco-friendly.  Check out Gorilla Chews, Earthbath and Yeowww! as more examples of products using natural ingredients.

Those are just a few ideas, but if we all try to be mindful to make our choices as eco-friendly as possible, we can make an impact on keeping our environment clean and safe for the future.